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Lenore Robertson On: Sep 2, 2020 At: 9:05 AM
Hi Paul thanks for the amazing work yesterday, shocked it was done in one day, it looks great.
Lenore Robertson from Strathcona, County
Brandon Moar On: May 12, 2020 At: 9:41 AM
Paul and his team of qualified staff exceeded my expectations. They take pride in their trade, work professionally, safely and produced a quality product that I am proud to go home to every day now. I would like to thank them for their services and will be recommending All Roof to all my friends and family.
Cindy Popowich On: May 1, 2020 At: 9:20 AM
Paul and his team were amazing from start to finish. Great Communication, great quality and overall I am extremely pleased with my new roof. Would hands down recommend them again and again!
Trish Wood On: May 1, 2020 At: 9:19 AM
100% Satisfied, They met all of my expectations other than the fact that they were a week behind.
Ron Stroyek On: May 1, 2020 At: 9:17 AM
100% Satisfied, Likely To Recommend, Quality Materials, Quality Workmanship. Professional & Organized!
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