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Almost all roofing systems are subjected to some amount of foot traffic. Typically, roof traffic is necessary to service roof-top equipment.


Almost all roofing systems are subjected to some amount of foot traffic. Typically, roof traffic is necessary to service roof-top equipment. Occasionally, roofs may also be subjected to unauthorized foot traffic. Because roof traffic can damage the roofing system, periodic inspection is very important to assure that any damage is identified and addressed quickly.


  • Roof Access Points. The roof surface area immediately adjacent to a point of access, such as a ladder, hatch or door typically receives more foot traffic than any other area of the roof.
  • Walkways and "Natural" Pathways. Even if a walkway system is provided, always look for the "natural" pathway, or the most direct route between access points and areas of frequent maintenance. If roof walkways are installed in a square or right angle configuration, Progressive will look for diagonal "short cuts" between adjoining walkways.
  • Rooftop Mechanical Equipment. Progressive looks around any equipment that requires periodic service. 
  • Litter. The presence of bottles, cans or other litter is usually an indication of roof traffic and use.  


  • Cuts & Punctures. Small cuts in a roofing membrane are difficult to detect if the membrane is covered with a layer of dust or dirt. If cuts and punctures are suspected, the membrane should be cleaned with water and inspected. Most cuts and punctures will produce small bubbles in a film of water applied to the surface of the membrane.
  • Compressed or Crushed Roof Insulation. Most roof insulations have relatively low compressive strengths and can easily be compressed or crushed if traffic loads exceed the strength of the insulation. Crushed insulation can be indicated by the presence of ponding water and "tented" insulation fasteners which did not compress along with the insulation.


  • Emergency Repair of Small Cuts & Punctures. Most single-ply cuts and punctures can be repaired temporarily until a perminant repair is performed. Most cuts and punctures in asphalt membranes can be repaired temporarily by applying plastic roof cement to the affected area. Make arrangements with Progressive for a permanent repair as soon as possible.
  • Permanent Repair of Cuts & Punctures. Permanent repair of cuts and punctures should be performed by a qualified licensed roofing contractor.  
  • Compressed or Crushed Roof Insulation. Insulation which has been crushed should be replaced with new insulation. Because this procedure will also require extensive repairs to the roofing membrane, this work should be performed by a qualified licensed roofing contractor.


  • Roof Walkways. If roof traffic is extensive, the installation of a new or an enhanced roof walkway system should be considered.
  • Roof Access Log. In order to control and monitor roof access, procedures should be established to record the personnel, purpose, time and duration of all rooftop visits.



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